Medical Division


Phoenix medical program saves our clients thousands of dollars each year. With the escalating cost of transportation and the increased downtime cost offshore. We at Phoenix do everything possible to prevent unnecessary flights. We staff certified Safety Paramedics with advanced pharmacology training to suit our client’s needs. Under the direction of our Remote Medical Control Physician, Phoenix can treat everything from the common cold to a true medical emergency. Our Paramedics and Remote Medical Control Physician remain on call 24 hours a day. Although our Paramedics are trained to handle emergency related situations, the most common illnesses in a remote location could become increasingly costly to our clients (i.e. common cold and flu) which are treatable in the remote environment by antibiotic therapy. Phoenix maintains the most common antibiotic medication on the market to eliminate the common illness or infection. With the help of our experienced Remote Medical Control Physicians and their understanding of principle guidelines/regulations that apply to sea and land based O&G industry. We at Phoenix are always looking for ways and understanding treatment processes to prevent any unnecessary recordable incidents.